Due to the epidemic threat, we would like to inform you about changes in the rules of visiting our clinic:

  1. For new young patients – please complete the on-line form NEW PATIENT CARD – CHILD
  2. For new adult patients – please complete the on-line form NEW PATIENT CARD – ADULT
  3. A minor patient may stay in the clinic with one guardian
  4. Please do not bring personal items to the clinic, e.g. handbags, backpacks, outerwear, jackets, coats, etc.
  5. Before entering the clinic, the patient and the caregiver must measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
  6. We recommend and ask caregivers to use their own protective masks when visiting the clinic
  7. After entering the clinic, patients go directly to the indicated office
  8. Please have your own water for mouthwash and thirst quenching
  9. We accept payment in cash or in a non-cash form (payment card, telephone, blik)
  10. We arrange subsequent visits by phone, and not at the reception desk immediately after the visit.
  11. Please strictly follow the above rules and the instructions of our clinic staff in order to minimize the time spent in our clinic and minimize the risk.
  12. The content of the declarations (to be read) that the patient signs at the clinic – using a tablet – are attached below
  13. Thank you for your understanding


Klinika w Gdańsku (Hallera)

Al. Gen. Hallera 137
80-416 Gdańsk
tel. 58 719 16 16
tel. kom. 501 259 846
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Klinika w Gdańsku (Norwida)

ul. C.K.Norwida 7
80-280 Gdańsk
tel. 58 719 37 00
tel. kom. 506 991 877
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